In May of 2016, I hopped on a plane in Philadelphia and flew to Portland for the first time. I was going to see this amazing girl I’d been talking to for the last few months and had fallen completely head over heels for. After landing in Portland and making my way through the airport, we finally met up in the parking garage (little did I know then how much I’d come to love that parking garage…). Seeing her there for the first time in years, I had this little voice in my head say “I think I just hugged my future wife for the first time.” Thankfully, I was right.

That first visit was a whirlwind. Seeing places and hearing stories of the people that made this place special. I somehow also knew before I came that we’d be having some serious conversations during that visit. The night before we went to Cannon Beach for the first time, where we would have one of those intense conversations, I pulled a small box out of my luggage and put a diamond necklace around Marcia’s neck. It was an uncharacteristically bold move for me and one I’m very glad I made.

I told her that I brought her that necklace because she reminded me of diamonds. All the pressure that life had put on her, all the things she had weathered, all of it had helped shape who she was and who I had fallen in love with. That process had made her precious to me and I wanted her to have a constant reminder of that fact.

Terrible quality but I love this picture. This was post serious conversation but pre sea gull pooping on my head. 

Fast forward a bit through a wedding, a cross country move, and a new house and here we were in a new phase of life together. Learning how to be partners and teammates in the easy and the hard. Struggling through more stress than either of us knew we could handle. It was then that I realized something new. This diamond of a wife that I had married didn’t stop getting refined. With each hardship and trial we faced, it was like a master jeweler was cutting, filing and polishing this diamond, and with each new facet that was cut more beauty was revealed. The process of refinement is hard but I somehow keep seeing more and more of this woman that I married and falling deeper and deeper in love with her.

Happy anniversary, baby… Thanks for the best 2 years of my life. Let’s keep making memories together.


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