304 Days…

I’ve been married for 304 days. That’s almost a full year for anyone keeping score at home. In the past year I’ve moved across the country, made a bunch of new friends and learned how to call a new place home. I’ve been stretched and challenged for sure, but I’ve also experienced moments of pure joy unlike anything I’ve known before.

Just look at that face. That’s about as happy as this face knows how to get, especially when there’s a camera around.

A year in and we’re hitting a stride that reminds me of when a band has been rehearsing together for a bit and things finally start to come together. You sound good together, things flow nicely and you realize you can depend on each other. It’s a musical sweet spot and it’s even sweeter to hit that stride with a partner.

For sure, there are still missed cues and bad notes but they come with the knowledge that no matter what, the song is going to keep going. With enough practice, those start to fade and it actually gets to a point where you don’t mind playing in public. So here I am.


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