What I Learned About Sin From My Mouse

It happened again today. I was trying to click on something on my screen and I clicked in the wrong place. As I wiggled my cursor around, I realized how sluggishly it was moving. I’d seen this before and knew exactly what it meant. It was time to pop the trackball out and do some cleaning.

See, as it turns out, fingers are dirty and my poor trackball has my big gross thumb on it quite frequently. And while I might not notice the little particles of dirt that get transferred, they start to collect on the inside of my mouse, hidden out of sight. The effects of this aren’t immediate but over the course of a few months that gunk starts to build up. Those dead skin cells and dirt particles weave themselves together and build little blankets over the rollers of my mouse and it stops functioning how it should. I never notice it happening but after awhile it’s hard to ignore how annoying it is.

I feel like this is exactly how sin works in my life too. It might start with little things that I barely notice – bad attitudes, a little bit of grumbling, those things I do in traffic when somebody cuts me off. Even if I’m aware of what a jerk I’m being, I often write it off as “little stuff” and don’t pay much attention. But that stuff builds up over time and left unchecked it starts to throw everything off. I’m cranky and irritable, I slack off on spiritual disciplines and I end up just being miserable.

So what’s the point? Maybe, I should check my mouse for dirt more often and clean it out before it gets gross. More importantly, maybe I should do the same for my life.

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