It doesn’t matter!

One of my all time favorite wrestling promo gimmicks was The Rock’s “It doesn’t matter…” It was one of those things that was always funny and was used quite effectively to silence his adversaries. Here’s a great example of him using it against Chris Jericho-

See? Hilarious.

I want to borrow that for a minute and interrupt pretty much all of my Facebook and Twitter feeds from the past few days…

Christians… It doesn’t matter if SCOTUS has radically re-defined marriage in your eyes. Your first allegiance is to Christ and your laws are laid out in Scripture. (where it is made abundantly clear that you’re to live as strangers and aliens– don’t expect to fit in to the culture you live in!)

Church… It doesn’t matter if you believe the right thing about homosexuality but don’t deliver that message in a loving way. If we have everything right but don’t have love then we have nothing.

Believer… It doesn’t matter how evil homosexuality is… because you’re every bit as evil. Remember how Christ dealt with someone caught in sexual sin?  Be mindful of the plank in your own eye before starting your own optometry practice.

Allow me to be clear on what I’m not saying.

  • I’m not saying that homosexuality isn’t a sin.
  • I’m not saying that believers shouldn’t confront one another when sin is present.
  • I’m not saying that the church should universally accept the SCOTUS position and condone homosexuality.

But to further clarify, I should also point out that

  • If homosexuality is a sin then it joins lust, fornication and divorce. How many churches have you seen discipline a member for lusting?
  • Church discipline is for believers. Expecting non-believers to live according to God’s standards is pretty backwards view of how sanctification works.
  • The church would do a much better job being “salt, light and fragrance” to the world by doing good rather than pointing out evil.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

One Reply to “It doesn’t matter!”

  1. Coming to grips with the realities of everything you said is the first step that most Christians and many churches need to take before ever having a conversation about homosexuality with non-believers (and with believers, come to think of it). The difficulty I have experienced when trying to bring this perspective to other Christians, is their overwhelming fear of giving up some imaginary spiritual ground that agreeing with you will allow their faith to become a slippery slope of allowing all forms of debauchery in the world, cats and dogs living in sin together, etc etc., despite having Scripture on our side.

    Homosexuality is so layered and delicate a topic, that it deserves as much care, patience, and love, especially from the followers of love itself. Once we get past that first step, amazing things will happen in the church and in the lives of many people who have long believed that God somehow hates them and wants nothing to do with them.

    BTW, I’m using my junk email so I am not inundated with Dreiwsm spam from your internet sponsors at

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