On Your Mark?

So 2 weeks out now from Catalyst 09.  I still get tired thinking about it.  But it’s about time to try to synthesize some of my thoughts from the week.

The theme of the conference this year was “On Your Mark” and they spent a lot of time talking about being on our mark- using the theater definition of the term.  To be on your mark means to be exactly where you should be at exactly the right time.  Knowing your lines, having followed your director’s leading, being ready to deliver with all that you’ve got.  On your mark.

It got me thinking a bit, am I on my mark?  Am I where I should be, or more importantly, have I done the necessary planning, preparation and put in the effort to be ready for whatever God might use me for and however He might do it?  The more I thought through these issues, the more I realized that I wasn’t.

I’ve always been the “know enough to be dangerous” type.  I know enough about computers to break yours. I know enough about audio to blow your speakers.  I know enough about the bible to be obnoxious in church.  And that right there is a problem.  Because if I break your computer or blow your speakers, these things will all fall away.  But if my knowledge of scripture and passion for Christ stops at the point where I’m happy to be a thorn in someone’s side, then I have failed. Its not enough to sit back and poke and prod and suggest and hope and criticize.  That’s not what I’ve been called to and it’s not a place where we as believers should ever feel comfortable.

So I’m jumping in again.  About an hour ago I submitted yet another application to Lancaster Bible College.  (Third time is a charm, right?)  If everything goes well, I could be taking classes online by Christmas.  This could certainly make for an interesting year or two, but I’ve grown tired of not being on my mark.  You can only say no to God for so long.  Where’s your mark?  Are you on it?  Are you ready? Are you open?

Grace and peace to us all as we seek His face. God grant us the humility to go where You lead and the peace and patience to wait for you.

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